Meet 9-year-old boy with rare disease of bloated stomach

June 14, 2017

A Pakistani boy has Hirschsprung’s disease – The disease causes buildup of excrement in his bowels – As a result, his stomach is bloated A nine-year-old boy from a rural village in Pakistan has a bloated stomach the size of a beach ball because of a rare condition that blocks bowel movement. Shah Gul Mazari has Hirschsprung’s disease, which causes the buildup of excrement in his bowels due to a deficiency of the nerves that control bowel movement.


If Shah does not get surgery soon, chances are that he will pass away from his condition, which affects just one in 5,000 children. Shah has a rare condition that blocks bowel movemen. Shah’s parents, father Niaz Mazari and mother, Mian Zohran, said in an interview that he was born normal but started showing the symptoms when he turned one year old. They said they are poor and unable to afford surgery for their son. He had one but it was unsuccessful. As a result,¬†Shah’s stomach is bloated


To make matters worse, Shah appears to have developed a complication known as enterocolitis, which is an infection of the bowel. His father Mazari said: “We had taken him to a government hospital where medicines for his treatment were given for free. But there was no improvement in his condition and with every passing day the size of his abdomen was only increasing.”

If Shah does not get surgery soon, he might die from the condition Fortunately, a good Samaritan has come forward to help young Shah. Fida Hussain Mastoi said he will cover all of Shah’s medical expenses at a hospital in Karachi. See Shah’s condition below.

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