Nigerian woman welcomes triplets after six years of marriage

June 6, 2017

Children are blessings from God, whether they are boys or girls, single, twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets etc.

Every home and family should have children according to the promises of God.  Sometimes couples experience various length of delays from medical issues to unexplained. But one thing is sure it cannot be denied when you believe and trust the promises of God.

So if you are strong enough to have triplets and maybe all boys, here is one for you and some facts about them.

A Nigerian lady has welcomed triplets, all boys, after six years of marriage. Sharing the good news on Facebook, the lady’s relative, Esosa Agbonlahor, wrote:

“Thank God for safe delivery…. My aunt just gave birth to 3 boys….after 6 years of marriage ….we serve a faithful God”.

Here are Top facts you may not know about triplets!
  1. Approx 1/3rd of higher order births occur spontaneously (naturally), 1/3rd following IVF or GIFT treatment and 1/3rd from ovulation inducing drugs alone.
  2. Fraternal triplets (tri-zygotic) are created when three eggs are released and each is fertilized by a different sperm
  3. Identical triplets (monozygotic) are created when only one egg is released and fertilized, but splits, and then one half splits again. Very rare
  4. Mixed – two identical and one fraternal (a pair and a spare!) occur when two eggs are released and fertilized separately, and one of those fertilized eggs splits again.
  5. Identical ones share 100% of their DNA, are the same sex, have the same blood types, hair and eye colour, hand and footprints but have different teeth marks and fingerprints.
  6. Over 90% of triplets and quadruplets are born prematurely and/or have low birth-weight& ;(34 weeks is expected pregnancy length &; 1.8kg birth weight)
  7. A 1983 study revealed that a mother of six-month-old-triplets expends an average of 197.5 hours per week (out of a possible 168) between herself and paid/volunteer assistance, on the care of her children and home. This did not include a time allowance for mother to bathe, dress, sleep, eat, relax or talk with partner!

Congrats to them!

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